Promoting Thought Leadership and Economic Development: The Work of a Business Club CEO

As the world continues to evolve and become more interconnected, the importance of developing the next generation of leaders cannot be overstated. This is why robust Young Leader and Student Outreach programs have become essential in today’s business landscape. One individual who has made notable contributions to this field is Steve Grigorian, the President and CEO of the Detroit Economic Club.

Founded in 1934, the Detroit Economic Club (DEC) is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that provides a platform for discussing and debating important business, government, and social issues. As an internationally renowned institution, the DEC hosts distinguished international dignitaries and business leaders representing the changing global environment. It has become a vital institution in Detroit, essential in shaping the dynamic 21st-century economic environment.

Steve Grigorian’s commitment to engaging DEC members in discussions and debates on current business, government, and social issues is evident in his efforts to host top-quality government/industry thought leaders. In addition, his dedication to developing the next generation of leaders through robust Young Leader and Student Outreach programs is remarkable.

Grigorian has extensive experience in executive leadership, having served as the Chief Operating Officer of DEC for 13 years before being appointed President and CEO in 2017. As CEO, he has driven the company to achieve and surpass sales, profitability, cash flow, and business goals and objectives while managing all resources required for the business, including technology and people.

Before his tenure at DEC, Grigorian served as Director of Marketing and Regional Sales Manager at Thomson Reuters for 19 years. He also worked as an Account Executive at Merrill Lynch for two years and held various Customer Support positions in Bloomfield Hills and Southfield, Michigan, for three years.

The DEC has been recognized as one of the top speaking forums globally, hosting CEOs of Fortune 100 companies, U.S. Cabinet members, and other senior state and national government officials. Major announcements are often first delivered at the podium of the DEC, and every U.S. President since Richard Nixon has spoken at the club.

Steve Grigorian’s work at the Detroit Economic Club is a testament to the importance of developing the next generation of leaders. Through his efforts in hosting high-profile thought leaders and spearheading outreach programs for young leaders and students, Grigorian has contributed significantly to shaping the economic landscape of Detroit and the world at large.

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