Penn State Launches Propel Business Innovation Program for Entrepreneurs

The Farrell Center for Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the Department of Management and Organization, and the Penn State Smeal College of Business have announced the launch of the Propel Business New Venture and Innovation Program. The program is designed to provide entrepreneurial alumni and graduate students affiliated with the college with a curated and moderated portfolio of services and resources to support entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.

The portfolio of services includes a digital library, innovation grants, entrepreneurial finance advisory services, business transformation consulting services, Penn State legal assistance, a Farrell Center experienceship program, a Penn State corporate innovators and entrepreneurs network, and access to early-stage venture capital funding from the Garber Venture Capital Fund.

According to Shawn Clark, Michael J. Farrell Endowed Professor for Entrepreneurship and director of the Farrell Center, “As our undergraduate and graduate corporate innovation and entrepreneurship programming has grown, and the number of graduates has multiplied, we’ve recognized a need in our community of alumni and students, especially at the graduate level, for additional resources to support entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.”

The Propel Business New Venture and Innovation Program provides alumni and graduate student entrepreneurs with a one-stop-shop for the information and support they may need in each stage of new venture creation. With the resources provided by the program, entrepreneurs can answer crucial questions and fill in the knowledge gap, increasing the likelihood of success with their business.

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