Meet the Economic Development Leader with a Record of Success Across Multiple States

Economic development has long been recognized as a crucial component for a better future. For over 30 years, Maureen Donohue Krauss has dedicated her career to this noble pursuit, starting as an intern in the industry and rising through the ranks to become a respected economic development leader. With extensive experience in Michigan, Arizona, Indiana, and back to Michigan, Maureen has helped communities learn from the past, embrace the present, and find a path forward to a prosperous future.

Maureen’s deep attachment to the Detroit Region is especially evident, as she grew up in Southeast Michigan and witnessed firsthand the area’s transformation into a global leader. With its wealth of talent, innovative spirit, and the presence of major corporations from all over the world, the Detroit Region is an unparalleled location to conduct business in the North American market. At the Detroit Regional Partnership, Maureen leads a team of highly skilled business development professionals who specialize in site selection, talent solutions, and other aspects of economic development. Their commitment to driving the region forward has earned the trust of companies and communities alike, with creative solutions to the most pressing challenges.

Maureen’s expertise in economic development spans various areas, including non-profit management, international business attraction, marketing and fundraising, government and media relations, leadership, team mentorship, business development project management, and site selection support in the U.S. market. She has an impressive record of success in guiding international companies towards successful location decisions and growth in the United States.

Currently, Maureen is involved in several projects that aim to activate business attraction programs and obtain the best return on investment. She is working with the Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance to evaluate the assets and messaging of the community, develop a compelling story, and ensure its delivery to businesses and influencers, nationally and globally. Additionally, she is assisting Macomb County, Michigan, in their Site Consultant Strategy to build relationships with key influencers and attract new investments.

Maureen’s tenure as the Chief Economic Development Officer at the Indy Chamber/Indy Partnership between 2016 and 2019 was exceptional, as she led the top 20 Amazon HQ2 proposal for the Indy Region, which was one of the top proposals submitted. Under her leadership, a nine-county regional economic development effort in the Indianapolis Region was established, focused on business attraction, retention and expansion, talent attraction, and international development. She also implemented the Accelerate Indy and Global Cities Strategy, which resulted in job growth and new investment in the Indianapolis Region. Her efforts put the region on the map and helped tell its story around the world.

Maureen’s dedication to economic development has made a significant impact on the communities she has served. Her leadership, expertise, and vision are truly an asset to the field and an inspiration to others who seek to make a positive impact in their respective communities.

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