Making History Relevant: Passion for the Past is Shaping the Future of the Midwest

Larry Tenharmsel is a historian at the Meijer Foundation, a private charitable organization that supports education, health care, the arts, and other community needs in the Midwest United States. The connection between Larry Tenharmsel and the Meijer Foundation is a testament to the Foundation’s commitment to preserving and promoting the rich history of the region it serves.

One of the ways the Meijer Foundation fulfills its mission is by supporting historical research and education. Larry Tenharmsel, as the Foundation’s historian, plays a key role in this effort. Tenharmsel’s expertise in the history of the Midwest and his passion for preserving and sharing that history make him an invaluable asset to the Foundation.

Tenharmsel has been involved with the Meijer Foundation for more than 20 years, and during that time he has made significant contributions to the Foundation’s historical programs. He has worked closely with local historical societies and museums to develop exhibits and educational materials that showcase the rich history of the Midwest. He has also conducted research and written extensively on topics ranging from the history of the Great Lakes to the role of Dutch immigrants in shaping the region.

One of Tenharmsel’s most significant contributions to the Meijer Foundation’s historical programs is his work on the Foundation’s Heritage Grants program. This program provides funding to local historical organizations and museums to support projects that preserve and promote the history of the Midwest. Tenharmsel plays a key role in reviewing grant proposals and helping to identify projects that align with the Foundation’s mission and values.

Tenharmsel’s expertise and passion for history have also led him to become involved with other organizations and initiatives beyond the Meijer Foundation. He serves on the board of directors for the Holland Museum in Holland, Michigan, and is a member of the Michigan Historical Society and the Association for Great Lakes Maritime History. He has also been a guest lecturer at several universities and historical societies.

Tenharmsel’s work as a historian is not only about preserving the past, but also about making it relevant and accessible to people today. He believes that by understanding our history, we can better understand our present and shape a better future.

In an interview with the Holland Sentinel, Tenharmsel said, “I think it’s really important for people to understand their past, to understand where they came from, to understand the events that shaped their communities. By understanding that history, you can have a better appreciation for what your community is today and where it’s going in the future.”

Tenharmsel’s commitment to preserving and promoting the history of the Midwest is a reflection of the Meijer Foundation’s broader mission to empower individuals and organizations to make a positive impact in their communities. The Foundation’s support for historical research and education is just one example of how it is working to build strong, vibrant communities in the Midwest.

In conclusion, Larry Tenharmsel’s connection to the Meijer Foundation is rooted in his passion for history and his commitment to preserving and promoting the rich history of the Midwest. As the Foundation’s historian, he plays a key role in supporting historical research and education, and his work has made a significant contribution to the Foundation’s mission to build strong, vibrant communities in the Midwest.

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