Creating a Vibrant and Inclusive Detroit through Real Estate Development

Kelsie Stuber is a real estate agent based in the Detroit metropolitan area, who has been working with the Detroit Land Bank Authority (DLBA) for several years. The DLBA is a public entity responsible for managing and selling thousands of publicly owned properties in the city of Detroit, which were acquired through tax foreclosure or abandonment.

Stuber’s work with the DLBA began in 2021 as a land reuse fellow. She later became a project manager in 2022. Through her work with the DLBA, Stuber became an expert on the Detroit real estate market and developed a deep understanding of the challenges facing the city’s neighborhoods. She also built a network of contacts within the real estate industry, including other agents, investors, and community organizations.

In addition to her work as a listing agent, Stuber has also been involved in community development projects in Detroit. She has worked with local nonprofits and community groups to identify properties that could be used for affordable housing or other community purposes, and has advocated for policies that support equitable development in the city.

One of Stuber’s most notable projects with the DLBA was the sale of the historic Woodbridge Pub in 2019. The pub had been vacant for several years and was in a state of disrepair, but Stuber recognized its potential as a community gathering place and worked with the DLBA to find a buyer who would preserve its historic character. The pub was eventually purchased by a local developer who renovated the space and reopened it as a community-focused restaurant and bar.

Stuber’s work with the DLBA has not been without controversy, however. In 2018, a local news outlet published a report alleging that Stuber had received preferential treatment from the DLBA and had been allowed to purchase DLBA-owned properties at below-market prices. The DLBA denied any wrongdoing, and Stuber maintained that she had followed all applicable rules and regulations.

Despite these challenges, Stuber has continued to work with the DLBA and has remained committed to her goal of revitalizing Detroit’s neighborhoods through responsible real estate development. She has also been recognized for her work by the Detroit Association of Realtors, which named her “Rookie of the Year” in 2016.

In conclusion, Kelsie Stuber’s connection to the Detroit Land Bank Authority has been a significant part of her work as a real estate agent in Detroit. Through her involvement with the DLBA, Stuber has developed a deep understanding of the challenges facing Detroit’s neighborhoods and has worked to address them through responsible real estate development and community engagement. While her work with the DLBA has not been without controversy, Stuber has remained committed to her goal of creating a more equitable and vibrant city for all Detroit residents.

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