Building Trust and Personal Connections: A Closer Look at a Leading Global Accounting and Consulting Firm

Grant Thornton is a prominent global accounting and consulting firm that places significant emphasis on establishing trust in business and fostering personal connections with clients. The firm’s esteemed CEO, Seth Siegel, has been a part of Grant Thornton for over 25 years, having recently ascended to the company’s top leadership position. Seth’s extensive tenure at the firm has been marked by a focus on relationship-building with colleagues and clients and a dedication to hands-on consulting to ensure high-quality service.

Seth’s priorities extend beyond exceptional service to cultivating a healthy and supportive culture within the professional services industry. As a first-generation college graduate, he deeply understands the challenges faced by aspiring professionals and remains committed to promoting equity and inclusion within the industry.

Seth’s expertise is evidenced by his involvement in multiple board committees, including Governance, Strategy, Global, Succession, Tax, Retirement and Partner Matters, and Minutes and Communications. Moreover, he has completed the highly-regarded Harvard Business School Executive Education Program “Making Corporate Boards More Effective”. He holds a Corporate Director Certificate from the National Association of Corporate Directors.

Grant Thornton offers its clients a wide array of services, including audit, tax, and advisory services. The firm’s audit teams are widely recognized for their exceptional quality, while its tax services are equipped to handle the unique challenges of today’s ever-changing tax environment. Grant Thornton’s advisory teams work closely with clients to develop innovative solutions with a balance of scale, skill, and service.

At Grant Thornton, the philosophy is that building personal relationships with clients begins with the people within the organization. The firm is committed to taking the time to understand its clients’ businesses and building meaningful relationships with them to achieve better results and create a stronger future. Grant Thornton is equally committed to supporting and empowering its employees, providing ample opportunities, flexibility, and support to develop a career they are passionate about. The firm recognizes the importance of every voice and welcomes all employees to bring their unique perspectives to the table.

Seth Siegel’s work at Grant Thornton exemplifies his steadfast commitment to fostering a culture of trust and care within the professional services industry. He is a staunch advocate of hands-on consulting, and his impressive portfolio of expertise is evident in his various committee involvements. Grant Thornton’s services are consistently top-notch, and the firm’s dedication to making business more personal through relationship-building is a key component of its success. With a supportive and empowering environment for its employees, Grant Thornton is poised to continue providing exceptional service to its clients while remaining at the forefront of the industry.

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